I started at Cruz de Malta I was 7 years old at Eliane´s class, where I learned computing (paint, Word) after practicing capoeira and won (two cords), and even had lunch, and snacks. The period was from 12pm to 5pm.

Then to Sandra´s class, where we used to rehearse for the June Festival and was also exhilarating and theaters too. We also practiced sport, but the coolest of all was with the choir staff, they taught to play the 7 musical notes on the piano and I felt I had a inspiration for music. At my birthday my father bought a saxophone. This was my first musical instrument.

At Andre´s class we practiced capoeira and went for a walk.

With Geruza every 6 months we used to go to the dentist to keep our teeth always clean.

The most important in my trajectory in CJ is that we enter a drawing contest and I was one of two chosen as the best, with the reproduction of the work “PORTRAIT OF TARSILA DO AMARAL” which gave us a prize which was a drawing course with 6 months duration. In this course, I started drawing knowledge and painting techniques. In fact, I would love to keep improving this knowledge.

More for reasons of force majeure I left here when I was 13 from CJ. My mother needed me at home to take care of the home and get my brethren to go to school and I even gave food to them. She went to work and only trusted me.

Who sees me think I was quiet, but you’re wrong this time here I used to play hard so much to give you an idea I used to climb up a 3m high wall just to play with the daycare toys.

Besides the walls I used to climb up also in trees and loved jumping from branch to branch and the most fun was bored and disobey everyone and everything readied hurt me much, but if it were not for Aunt Carmo I do not know what would become of me.

After leaving here, I took a computer course here, 88 hours and keep coming to the dentist every 6 months.

But in 2002 I moved to a very distant place with about 30 km of distance, where I realized my dream was to play several instruments and now I am part of a play FANFARE box, dish, deaf, bass drum.

Even today I still like to come to and always think a good thing to do here. For example, when I have school work to do, I come here to search the Library and on the Internet. After I type work and print it at the Telecenter.

And the most important is that we play here in Cruz de Malta on 12/12/2003! That day was the happiest day of my life.

One thing from deep of my heart, CRUZ DE MALTA IS MY SECOND FAMILY.

– Edson Edgar João da Silva, 16 anos, 12/17/2003